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What's this all about?

Caash is a Web 3.0 startup that's building an ecosystem of user-friendly DeFi solutions, powered by $CASH (a BEP-20 token). The world is changing and millions of users are embracing decentralized finance projects everyday. We believe on-ramps like Coinbase are fair in theory, but permissionless experiences are superior to those that are gate kept. This is why we're building the solutions in our Roadmap.

What's unique about this?

Caash Solutions will help people easily swap, stake, store, and spend their $CASH and other crypto. The following Caash Solutions are currently under development or soon to be developed: Caash Me, Caash Swap, Caash Pools, Caash Local, and the Caash Cold Wallet.

Can I stake my $CASH yet?

Not quite. Hold tight. We're in the process of developing our Staking dApp, but join the official Caash Telegram chat to stay updated.

Can I provide liquidity?

Yes, anybody can become a "LP" (Liquidity Provider) on Pancakeswap. You'll earn a set transaction fee on every trade in the pool. You can pair $CASH with different tokens like $MM, $SHIB, or any BEP-20 token to create a liquidity pool. Just add the contract address when inside the Liquidity tab on Pancakeswap. When the dApp goes live, you'll have opportunity to provide liquidity by staking. Learn more here.

What are your future plans?

Caash is currently focused on backend development, community growth, exchange listings, new partnerships, and other exciting things that we'll keep you updated about inside the Telegram and on Medium.